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Established in 2002 in Chennai, KG Build Tech is a renowned building contractor and construction company delivering projects in and around Chennai.

KG Build Tech, Chennai is one of the leading Commercial interiors in Chennai, we have successfully managed different construction projects and executed a number of contracts for customers in both the public and the private sector.

An ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we have continued to grow our business despite many challenges thanks to our strong commitment towards a high standard of workmanship, professional development, and most important of all customer satisfaction.

Commercial contractors in Chennai

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Quality Policy

Our approach is not profit-based but rather customer-based as we believe that customer satisfaction is more important.


Our vision is to be the most recognized and respected building and construction company and to set a benchmark in quality, process, and projects against which our competitors are evaluated.


Our mission is to deliver quality products and services by providing high value to our customers and make a lasting contribution to the development of the built environment in India.

Meet Our Team

Commercial contractors in Chennai

We have a well qualified and organized workforce that boasts of several years of experience in various disciplines of construction, design, property management, and real estate.

Our team includes in-house designers and engineers to help with design and schemes, account managers and executives, and project managers running a different crew of site engineers, site supervisors and a whole network of subcontractors.

Adopting a ‘partnering’ style of management, each staff member maintains an open line of communication with customers at all times to make sure they understand what is expected of them and do what they are supposed to do to finish the project.

Why KG Build Tech?


We will be always committed to improving standard of workmanship to delivering maximum value by working hand in hand with customers, suppliers and other partners, while minimizing waste and damage to the environment.


We will take a collaborative approach that strongly encourages freedom, communication, and flexibility, creating a team culture ingrained in shared success.


We will innovate as a business by embracing new concepts and exploring new realms, sharing knowledge, and development of adopting an entrepreneurial mindset.


We will diligently work on achieving excellence in learning and development, maintaining stakeholder relations, and focussing on environmental sustainability, health and safety.

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