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Promote your property/land in joint ventures with us.

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At KG Build Tech, we maintain an excellent track record for negotiating successful joint venture contracts, where we typically work with the land provided by the landowners. When entering a joint venture, we make sure our commercial interest is directly in line with that of our landowners. This is because our focus is to maximise returns to landowners while delivering high-quality end products to our customers.

Having successfully finished through several joint venture agreements, we are now well placed to establish joint venture opportunities with landowners and develop properties for them, where the land offers great potential, either for development of a residential or commercial property.

As one of the leading building contractor in Chennai, we bring a vast amount of experience in property management with expertise in strategic areas of planning, designing, construction, and sale. Over the years, we have formulated special strategies to unlock the real potential of several properties by assessing proposals and re-engineering them.

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    Joint Venture Partner’s Relationship

    Being a financially strong company, we also have access to funding through several avenues, making us a clear choice as a joint venture partner for your project.

    We truly value the relationships we build with the landowners and are dedicated to accomplishing not just our own goals, but also those of our esteemed Joint Venture partners.

    Transparent Approach & ROI

    We strongly believe that our flexible and transparent approach of working with our partners would not only allow us to make a special deal to suit individual requirements, but also add value and bring better ROI for both parties involved.

    If you are a landowner looking for opportunities to get into a joint venture agreement with a reputable company in Chennai, then KG Build Tech is the best choice.

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    We have been able to get fantastic results from several joint venture contracts with our customers and are eagerly looking forward to getting into new joint venture agreements.

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