Flat Promotions

Driven by the quality of workmanship and excellence, KG Build Tech is an innovative flat promoter with a consistent track record of delivering well designed and meticulously planned houses throughout Chennai.

We strongly believe that working with the local community is what makes us stand out from other flat promoters in Chennai. This is because, having operated for many years in the city, we have a gained a clear understanding of the different neighborhoods, and what the buyers and investors living there expect to see in newly promoted flats.

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to promoting flats and apartments of high workmanship and quality that exceed customer expectations.

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Living Comfort in Dream Homes

At KG Build Tech, we are dedicated to doing everything possible in order to create a lovely environment for our customers that gives them the comfort, and a sense of belonging that they seek in their dream homes. Since our launch, we have promoted tens of hundreds of modern and compact houses in Chennai, delivering hundreds of thousands of square feet every year.

Professional & Well Qualified Team

We have a set of resourceful professionals coming from different backgrounds in the areas of construction and project management and bringing with them unmatched experience and expertise. From interior designing to construction management, they carefully scrutinize each and every aspect of their job and prioritize them according to the requirements of the project.

20+ Years of Experience

With over two decades of experience running several flat promotions, we have developed a wealth of knowledge of the process of promoting valuable properties. We also work in tandem with architects, planners, builders and other contractors to finish projects in a quick and efficient manner.

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