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Architecture has less to do with the walls and facades of a building and more about the space it creates feels. That’s why buildings that are architecturally-sound and well-designed seem to make our lives much more humane, energizing, comfortable and pleasurable.

And that’s precisely how we look at the architectural design.

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Our Approach

At KG Build Tech, our approach to delivering first-class architectural services is built on the premise that good architectural practice can meet both the ‘form’ and ‘function’ aspects of a designing and be developing a building, without compromising the needs of the future generation.

We realize what difference good architecture can make to the lives of the persons occupying that space. And in keeping with that, we provide innovative cutting-edge services, considering all aspects of the physical and geographical conditions that relate to the project goals and the client’s interest.

Over the years, we have mastered this approach to provide quality architectural services for different kinds of projects, whether be it developing blueprint plans or structural designs.


Since our launch, we have developed an expertise to design and detail projects of different scales from single-family individual flats to high-end villas to large commercial and industrial properties that span acres.

That means several well-designed commercial spaces for businesses and highly detailed architectural plans for educational institutions and industries.

In between these scales, we have also designed buildings and apartments for property developers who have a grand vision to make Chennai a better place to live in.

Our Commitment to Clients

We take on each project, no matter size, and budget, with the same level of care.

Starting with a thorough analysis and appraisal of the project’s unique requirements, we incorporate our client’s aesthetic and functional goals to design and implement a feasible solution that is both practical and attractive.

Our professional teams have internalized this quality and always make sure that our work and process conform to it, resulting in completely unique buildings and developments that reflect something about the clients we work with. Some of our services include:

  • Building scheme design and development
  • Structural planning and development
  • Government approval documentation

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